Bitcoin adder for PC 2023

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Bitcoin adder 2023

Bitcoin adder 2023

Bitcoin adder 2023

Just like BTC ADDER 2021, this version works faster, mines more bitcoin and less time consuming.


BTC ADDER 2023 is a desktop based software programmed in a high level programming language(Blockchain Programming Language) which runs series of instructions and after a successful execution, it adds some certain amount of btc to the wallet address that was inputted.

Questions and Answers About BTC ADDER 2023

  1. Does it work on Mobile Devices?

NO, BTC ADDER 2023 works only on PC.

  1. What Operating System Does it Work on?

It works on Windows OS, Windows 8-10, iOS, android only. BTC Adder is not available on MAC OS and Linus.

  1. What are the system requirements?
  • OS: Windows 8 and above, 32bits or more
  • RAM: Minimum of 1GB
  • ROM: minimum of 125GB
  • PROCESSOR: at least 1.50 GHz processor
  • System must be fully driven
  1. How Much BTC Can One Get Per Day?

There’s no specific amount of bitcoin that will be added to your wallet address per each run.

BTC adder runs on 10mins, 20mins or 30mins. The user specifies the time the program will run. The higher the time the more btc will be added to your bitcoin account.

  1. Can One Use other applications while BTC ADDER is working? NO, this is very important. All other programs must be closed while BTC ADDER is working if you want to acheive a successful transaction.
  1. Does it accept any BTC wallet address?

Yes it does, BTC ADDER 2021 accepts all valid btc wallet address, whether is coinmama, blockchain, coinbase, luno, blockchain, bundle, e.t.c. it accepts all.

  1. How Can i download and Install BTC Adder 2023?

Bitcoin adder activation code

Bitcoin adder 2023

BTC ADDER 2023 require one time token code, once is installed on your device and activated, you start mining immediately.

Before mining, your Bitcoin wallet address, email address and Full name will be required before you can proceed. The next page will check for server connection, VPN connection and RAM space. Once all is connected you can start mining immediately, You can stop mining at any time but to earn more you will need to mine for a longer time.

Stop mining and withdraw immediately. The withdrawal page will require you to enter a valid license key you purchase. If all is correct, your mined BTC will be deposited into your wallet address.

This software has been tested.

Remember you are to pay for the license key to the Bitcoin address specified on the program. Copy the bitcoin wallet address and proceed to payment after payment send your TXID or screenshot to the email address in the software.


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